What does it mean to be a developer?

29 Jan

I remember in the late 90’s there was a lot of talk about the already made software packages, and how they will take over the industry, and that the needs for software developers will be reduced over time and to be replaced by Functional Analysts. Of course that shift never happened, and software developers demand have continue to increase there after.

However, since the introduction of the iPhone SDK, being a developer changed drastically, especially iPhone developer. For the first time software developers are utilizing their skills to invest into their own company, creating their products, that resulted in over 140,000 apps in less than 20 months. That’s amazing!

Software Developers used to be just a day to day workers, but now thanks to the iPhone, that changed. Developers are company owners managing everything from the product design and analysis, development, marketing, testing, support, maintenance.

The opportunities will grow substantially with the introduction of the iPAD. Imagine what the same experienced developers who had been busy developing for the iPhone, what they will do with for the iPAD, with it’s bigger screen.

The future is definitely very bright for the developers. Now it makes more sense why Steve Ballmer when he repeated over and over: Developers, developers, developers 🙂


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