Apple Touch and Nano

10 Sep

It’s very clear from today’s Apple announcements that Apple is looking to re-ignite it’s IPOD Nano product line not only as a standalone player, but as a multi-purpose media device by adding the Video camera, and the pause-able FM radio capability.

But why didn’t Apple add video camera to the iPod touch knowing its going to be a huge success? It’s obvious that Apple does not want iPod touch with camera to take sales away from the iPod nano’s with the camera. Apple wants to establish and wants sell in high volume before they offer the IPOD touch with the Camera since it will sell very well regardless. If Apple release both the IPOD Nano and the iPod touch with the camera at the same time, most people will buy the iPod touch instead. But delaying adding the Camera to the iPod touch will boast the ipod nano in the short term and will re-ignite it as a product line long term.
That’s my thoughts on the reason Apple did not introduce the IPOD touch with the Camera now.
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Posted by on September 10, 2009 in Apple, IPOD


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