Advance Query Sytnax – AQS Part 2

17 Apr

This is a follow up to the first post Advance Query Sytnax – AQS Part 1

To search for file based on it’s kind, you use the kind property. For example:

  • kind:Music … you can also use song, songs
    Kind:email … you can also use mail, message, messages, emails
    Kind:document … you can also use documents, doc, docs
    Kind:Meeting … you can also use calendar, appointment
    Kind:Picture … you can also use Pic, Pics, Photo, image, images.

The terms can be combined using the OR operator
Kind:Music OR Pic will return all your music and pic files

You can also combine other conditions:
Kind:Music AND Artist:Prince
Kind:Music Artist:Prince since AND is implicit

Enabling NQS (Natural Query Syntax) will simplify the syntax

  • Music artist Prince
    Music by prince
    Pics taken last month
    email received last week from John about presentation

You can search on all the properties any kind of file can have. For example. you can search for photos based on the Taken property. You can search for document based on it’s author. For eample:

Kind:Document Author:David Johnson

or you do an exact match

Kind:Document Author:”David Johnson”

or you can take it further

kind:Document Author:=”David Johnson”

The difference here: the first one is searching for author that contains “David Johnson”. The second using the equal sign is searching for author with exact match.

I will be covering the Advance Query Sytnax – AQS Part 3 soon

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